They’re gonna eat me alive
If I stumble..stumble stumble stumble…
They’re gonna eat me alive
Can you hear my heart
Beating like a hammer
Beating like a hammer
Beating like a hammer
Beating like a hammer

Metric-Help I’m Alive

In the immortal words of my favorite Dwarf Pally (oxymoron?) So Yeah. We downed Sindragosa-10 last night, after working on it for several weeks. It’s been a VERY tough grind, as Phase 1 really is cake. If people can run away from the Blistering Cold, and then during the air phase hide behind the frost tombs, it’s easy. But Phase 2, it ALWAYS falls apart. We lose a healer, then people start dying.

From what I can tell, this is a very common occurrence among guilds learning the mean dragon. We could constantly get her to 15% or so. And in fact, we were kind of regressing. The execution was right…it was just falling apart somewhere.

So I got fed up. Well, fed up as I can get I guess. I asked if healers could be untombed ASAP. If people got rid of their stacks, fine. If not, well get the next one. But healing WAS falling behind, maybe getting healers out ASAP would help.

True Story Time.

We’re about to pull, and me and my wife (who again, is in the raid playing uber-DPS Arcane Mage. She’s not just a mage, she’s an Arcane Mage, full stop) notice a huge flash of lightning out the window. Wicked. First storm of the year. Hope we don’t get disconnected. So we warn the raid, just in case. Maybe that’s a sign?

So we start the pull. It goes well. We force phase two just before she would go into an air phase (with our DPS, it’s VERY close on if it’s before/after the 3rd air phase.) So Phase 2. I get entombed. Over vent, get me out NAO. I get out quickly, heal everybody up to full. It’s a few DPS, our uber-Rogue (See the Forever a Noob link in the sidebar!, I’m sure eventually he’ll have his own comments), works alone to free them so ranged can fully focus on downing her. 15% passes. Lifebars are all still green. Battle Rezs are all still up. Rockin. Keep on going. 10% I’m frozen again. FREE ME. I get out quickly, we’re able to stabilize. At this point I saw she was below 1 mil health. My heart starts pounding. Hold this together please please please. 5%. Another healer is frozen. Free them, keep it together. 400k, 300k. I think a DPS AND a healer got chained. My wife said to me we should just burn. So I called in vent BURN HER!!!!!ONEONE11111ONE!!!. A few seconds later, ACHIEVEMENT SPAM.

Wow that felt good. I think everybody was kinda stunned that it was actually done. I know I was tearing up.

And then our raid leader said. Lets go visit Arthas. Wow. 11/12.

I firmly believe, that freeing healers ASAP is the key to phase 2. Slowballing it to make sure that stacks drop off, result in wipes. Why? There’s too much damage to single-heal. Instability is always put on one healer. So if you have a healer in the tomb, then you’re effectively running with one healer. So you need to free the second healer straight away, to the point where all your ranged DPS should turn and blast the tomb open right away.

Now that we have that down, I actually figure our second kill (we’re extending the lockout to work on The Lich King), will be much easier. Truth be told we weren’t anywhere close to wiping. It was a clean kill.

We spent an hour working on Lich King. The fight is absurdly epic. Phase 1 is pretty easy. Infest is a good test of healers, but if starts to build up, boy it can do a lot of damage. We got to Phase 2, trying to get a good pattern to deal with the dual threats of Val’kyrs and Defile. Never quite got there, hopefully we’ll do better next time. To be honest, I don’t see LK taking weeks to learn and beat.