I saw the new 31 point talent trees, and I was all…ooooh! More bloggy material!

But nope. The Resto druid tree is messed up and will have to be revised so really, it’s not even close to finalized as of yet. Why? Swiftmend is still on the tree, when it’s a learned ability at 10. Even so, the way the points pan out, if you want Wild Growth (why wouldn’t you?), a full 31 points in the Resto tree at this point gets you pretty much everything. I left out Fury of Stormrage (which is horrible I think. If it was a 25/50% chance of the instant wrath it would be usable), and Natural Perfection, which is more of a PvP talent. Then you have your 9 points in Balance for Genesis, Nature’s Grace and Moonglow. And then you have one point left over to go wherever you want.

Oh, and the first tier of resto is AWFUL. It’s more for feral/balance and does almost nothing at this point for resto. That should really be changed, and probably will be.

Now, the new trees do what they say. Not so much for Resto Druids, but we’re still being worked on. But most trees can max out on output by 35 points or so, then can take the rest with survivability. Also, as you’re leveling (which really is a lot of the focus of the expansion), I think they’ll be a whole lot of fun with powerful talents all the way down. So it’s good overall.