I usually don’t directly respond to other posts and stuff, but this will be an exception. Don’t worry, it’s still related to Warcraft, healing AND Druidom (kinda)

WoW.com currently has a post in their Officer’s Corner series right now, referring to the problems that a guild has had with a new deaf member in their ranks.

Or to be more specific, the problems that a guild has with not being total and complete jerkwads.

In short, a guild had a rule that you had to be on vent in order to receive loot. They recruited a Resto Druid, who happened to be deaf, making Vent pointless. It went fine for a while, as he was an amazing player, until they hit problems, and they scapegoated said Druid for all their failures and basically ran him out of the guild.

There are quite a few problems here, so let me go by them one by one.

The first, is why they had the rule in the first place:

A little background information on the guild, since it is relevant, is that we have a strict rule involving loot due to some people in the past who have abused our requirement for Vent in that they wouldn’t use it, or they’d log in but leave their headsets off. This caused a lot of problems with wipes and caused the officers, GM and co-GM to agree that a rule would be made that was you must be in Vent and actively listening at all times during a raid in order to be eligible for loot. This is what caused the initial problem.

Ok. I like using Vent. It makes explaining things a lot easier, and to be honest, I find it fun. But if there was a reason that someone couldn’t vent, as long as they performed well, it shouldn’t be a problem.

But these folks were consisted of people who thought they were above the rules. Not that there was some technical difficulty or limitation or whatever, they just through they were better than that.

This is pretty bad. But I wouldn’t blog about that.

It gets worse. Much worse.

We’d had a meeting about it a few nights ago and asked the guild for input on our various rules and any they felt needed to be changed, and a few other things. We used this as a quiet way to find out how people felt about the Vent rule. As it turns out, of the 24 raiding members, 15 of them felt that this healer’s inability to hear us calling out for heals or battle rezzes had caused a number of wipes and the fact he was able to get gear was just an abuse of the system.

Let me repeat that. Because it bears repeating. /LewisBlack

15 of them felt that this healer’s inability to hear us calling out for heals or battle rezzes had caused a number of wipes

Let’s get something straight. Calling for heals….makes you a very special type of person. A VERY special type of person. The type of person that myself, who normally is the most pleasant, agreeable, non-violent person…would like to wring your neck. Calling for a battle rez is bad enough. Generally speaking I think people mean well, but usually healers are well aware that someone is laying on the ground face down. Probably more aware than you are. Sometimes druids will call chain rezzes or something like that. And in the heat of the battle, things can happen, you know?

But calling for heals? I’ve seen people do that before. It really irritates the hell out of me. It’s generally a display of entitlement and arrogance, that you should be put in front of the line for heals whenever you mess up. And that’s the thing. People I like don’t do this. Good decent people don’t do this. So please. Don’t do that.

Don’t be those guys.

Just as an addition, I’ll point out that my guild is great and nobody does that. And if we did have somebody who did do that I feel comfortable enough in telling them to not do that, as in we have a whole grove of healers (and non-healers!) who will tell people to NOT DO THAT. Also, there are exceptions to the rule, but you’re not calling for heals, you’re informing your healers of changes in situation. Like if you have to run through the big ooze slimes in Rotface. We healers really appreciate a heads up on that.