So you have an 80 druid, and you’re thinking about switching to Resto. Or maybe you’ve just finished the leveling process, and want to know what to do next.  Well, I’m here to help.  Maybe.  It’s actually not that difficult to gear up a tree healer, there are some fairly easy shortcuts you can take, and a little bit can get you quite a bit for Resto.

For spec, the spec I use is <a href=””>18/0/53</a&gt;. This is pretty cookie cutter, to be honest. The big place where one could change would be taking the points out of Revitalize and put them into Living Seed, but as I use Rejuv much more than direct heals, I like the buff of Revitalize. But this is something that goes with playstyle more than anything. It used to be that we could put 14 in the Balance tree, and get both, but the extra 4 points in order to max Celestial Focus is worth it until you get top-notch gear and reach the haste cap. (735. Yes, that’s a lot of haste you’ll need)

Glyphs: Personally, I run Swiftmend, Rejuvenation and Rapid Rejuvenation. If you’re running a lot of 25 mans, you may want to switch out one of those for Wild Growth. If you’re doing a lot of tank healing, switch to the Nourish glyph. However, I recommend against dropping the Swiftmend glyph, as not having Swiftmend consume a HoT is good for both output and consistency.

Gear:This is the hard part, although it’s not nearly as hard as it is for most classes. You want to mainly focus on Spell Power, Spirit and Haste as the fundamental stats. MP5 is good as well, Crit is kind of secondary. Starting out at 80, there is a few crafted epics that you can either get the mats for or buy relatively cheaply off the AH. The Earthgiving Leggings and Earthgiving Boots both provide SP and Spirit right off the bat.  This should give you enough of a boost in order to start to run Heroics.  For a weapon, I’ve always suggested the War Mace of Unrequited Love from Heroic Nexus, but if you want to craft the Titansteel caster items, they should work for you as well.

For your Triumph badges, your first purchase should be the Idol of Flaring Growth. Providing a reliable (it will be up 95% of the time) 234 SP for a low number of badges, you can’t beat it for bang for the buck. After that, continue collecting T9, as it’s pretty good for both it’s 2p and 4p bonuses.

For trinkets, sometimes you can pick up Je’tze’s Bell fairly cheap (couple of hundred gold..used to be in the thousands), as well as a Darkmoon Card:Illusion. And for head enchants, you’ll want the one with the Wyrmrest Accord, and an Ember Skyflare Diamond in the meta slot.

All that should get you well situated to run random heroics to start to put together your T9 set in order to get you geared up for raiding fairly quickly.